Every morning the children begin their day with a Virtues lesson, taught by trained Virtues teachers in each classroom. These lessons are specially designed for preschool-aged children, with a complete curriculum supported by learning aids, including Virtues songs in both English and Chinese, Virtues Friends, texts, posters, and books. Throughout the school year, we focus on 19 virtues, which are taught, practiced, reviewed, and reflected upon by both students, teachers, and family members. Children are taught in a whole-group lesson through song, stories, and role-playing.

To actively engage the children with their learning, our Virtues in Action project includes regular updated photos capturing the children practicing their virtues and acknowledging their efforts and achievements in living the virtues. The photos are displayed on the hallway bulletins, with a virtues acknowledgment to caption each shot. Every month the virtues teachers lead a school-wide project where children put their virtues in action by taking care of the school and their classrooms, e.g. mopping hallways, cleaning the classroom materials, tending to the garden, looking after the petting farm animals, and tidying up the playground. Additionally, every couple of weeks, the school’s Virtues teaching team performs skits which highlight the virtue of the week to emphasize the use of virtues in our everyday lives so that the virtues can really “come to life” for the children.


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